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tv   [untitled]    January 26, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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school is. a strange. ukrainian leaderships concessions followed by fresh violence as rioters in kiev ignore the agreement with the opposition to clear the streets. western ukraine is rocked by more protests as local administrations are stormed or taken over by crowds in more than a dozen regional centers. the syrian government says women and children in the besieged city of homs are able to leave under the first deal reached with peace talks with the opposition but warns the situation depends on militant forces on the ground. to thing that will mean stand they have to leave and they have to find peace in life we can't give up and made bombs and bullets in syria we visit
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a maternity ward there to find out how mothers and doctors are fighting through the horrors of war. and dozens killed in street violence and a wave of deadly bombings in egypt as the polarized nation reaches the third anniversary of its revolution while the interim leader says the country's next step will be a presidential election. midnight in moscow i met president ari good to have you with us our top story this hour ukraine security forces say two policemen were wounded after angry crowds storm kiev's convention center trapping about two hundred officers inside they were later allowed to leave rioters also targeted more government buildings across the country they were driven away from local administration headquarters in the city of his about osha is all happening despite the president's offer to change the constitution and give the prime minister's job to one of the opposition leaders but
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that wasn't enough for the crowds demanding further concessions. reports. the opposition said they couldn't accept those concessions but they were willing to negotiate they put forward what they wanted in speeches from the main stage in independence square here just behind me they want to continue negotiations they want a lections this year they want a government and a total amnesty without any conditions for anybody who has being detained in fatality klitschko speaking from the stage said no way would anybody be clearing the streets right now he said that they'd come here they would stay here until they finish what they started well after those speeches that set off a large crowd of people marching towards the conference center a large group of writers laid siege to that building thank you there was cocktails being thrown bricks thrown into windows even burning tires and. fireworks
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hurled in there is rioters tried to get into that building and towards a group of police who were stationed there it is if you think after a standoff lasting a little while we saw the interior ministry give the orders to their riot police to to pull out of that building now also one of the opposition leaders former heavyweight champion vitaly klitschko was on the scene as well trying to negotiate a deal that would allow those right police to leave that building safely basically a standoff still going on the opposition saying that they're willing to negotiate but they have knocked back concessions that were put forward by the government more on the turbulent situation ukraine i'm going to speak with alexander macarius a political blogger joining me live from london thanks for joining us so ukraine's opposition says they want more concessions from the government do you think they're likely to get those concessions. it's one doesn't know at this point what they're
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basically demanding are not concessions they're demanding the government's complete capitulation they want the president to resign they want new elections they want. the as i understand it they want you parliamentary elections and they want power transferred to themselves now whether mr young is prepared to grant to agree to those things remains to be see a few days ago i would have said no but then i did not expect him to offer that the mystery it said you can mystically posts in his government will just have to see at the moment it as i understand it the position of the government is that they will not agree to elections the opposition and government agreed to clear the streets of kiev last night but there were still protesters there how in control do you think of the opposition its leaders for example mr klitschko are right now. well they're not in control if we can go back to what happened on sunday last sunday the reach
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the violence began when the opposition leader spoke at my down square made a extremely disappointing impression on the crowds and the crowds then shifted and attempted to go down who shows the street towards the parliament and the government buildings mystically each go try to restrain them to stop the violence that was going on and he got squirted by a fire extinguisher he doesn't control the crowds and this is the problem because he goes negotiates agrees things with the government the moment he gets back to my defense where those agreements are simply to not because the protesters who are actually on the streets are not responding to you. the e.u. has been stepping up pressure on the ukrainian government there is a statement from the head of the european parliament martin schultes he's urging sanctions saying some ukrainian officials may have their european deposits frozen and their travel to e.u. restricted how close is brussels do you think to acting on these threats i
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don't think it's actually as close as it makes out i mean it's one can't one can't be absolutely certain but one important change that's happened is that the presidency of the european union the rotating presidency has passed to greece and greece has made it absolutely clear that it's not frankly sympathetic to sanctions and that in fact he considers the deal that the ukraine did with russia to be a good thing so there are divisions within the european union itself there are some hardliners like mr shultz shots but i'm not convinced that everybody in the european union agrees to this. it looks like the government is trying hard to appease the opposition do you think its efforts will have any impact on the e.u. vision of the conflict. no i did the it does because i think the hardliners in the you have already long ago made up their minds which is that they support the opposition in that they oppose the government and they're just not interested in
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who is actually driving these protests on the streets all where the violence is actually coming from as far as they can see it's the government that's to blame all right alexander macarius thank you very much for your time thank you these pictures of weapons allegedly used by a hard line protesters in kiev assault rifles pistols hundreds of rounds of live ammunition seized by police they arrested an armed gang thought to be involved in violent clashes in ukraine's capital authorities say it was supplying arms to rioters police say three security personnel were attacked by radical protesters earlier this week one of them wounded two others taken hostage allegedly tortured and later released all three now being treated in the hospital. publicly towards a roof of my head and bound my legs with tape and tape to my eyes as well. the more the yes ones were attacked by a group of masked wiry youngsters they surrounded us cream and the cops nearest
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hamzawy could really take everything from us our wallets ourselves along with everything. in them because through. nothing to them because we were just coming out of a cafe after lunch with the mobs around the. actions of riot police in kiev throughout this turbulent weekend sparked much concern we asked a retired commander from the l.a. sheriff's department what he thinks about their tactics and how his men may have had told a similar situation. from what i've seen on the video so far they're showing a lot more restraint than i think you could expect most places night and still use the they use of the ball it's all cocked tails the throwing the rocks and bottles and striking him with. would all be considered lethal force in the united states you know. that's a lethal situation in the united states you could very quickly be shot with lethal force with a lot of first of all the dragging of the police officer and then quietly while you can now could very easily result in some type of legal force took
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a police officer and arrest has been spreading from the capital to other cities across ukraine targeting regional centers these pictures from the eastern city of ny puppet of square a crowd of thousands strong the local administration building similar events happening across half the country with local governments either being stormed or already being overtaken by protesters as authorities lose control western governments are urging them to secure democracy parties alexei or chefs he reports . those young people into streets of ukraine by seizing temperatures are writing didn't you get it before europe. ever since the first rocks and molotov cocktails were hurled at the police in kiev my son if issues in europe and the united states have started a pressure wave of accusations aimed at the actions of the authorities against what they called peaceful protesters.
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we have all been for unison to give all we expect from the ukrainian government then these should democratic freedom in particular the opportunity for peaceful demonstrations they protect life and that the use of violence does not take place. but people beating police on the ground bombarding the lines with explosive project tiles and even taking them hostage can hardly be classified as peaceful even pictures of rioters carrying far arms are surfacing and quite skeptical of the riots will be. dealt with effectively in the near future nation of the. neo nazi. therefore i do not think that everyone will fall all of the opposition leader us to all of what a peaceful resolution of these of these qualify some of these deals hellbound for the violence and they will continue for some time. over the past two
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months there you know my done has changed in form and meaning what started as a peaceful pro e.u. protest has turned into a display of violence on both sides it has now grown in size too with almost half of the country's regional administration stake in over spawning serious concerns that country could fall apart any sort of splits in the area we could happen within the next weeks must be described as quite possible because get. around wouldn't have enough forces so ukraine will be split it probably in two parts. we have for different purposes the opposition is still looking horns with those in power trying to get a better deal with the president. but the protesters storming a police base and doing the people who are acting as their leaders suggest they no longer want to listen to anyone and care little about eighty agreed truth. on t.v. reporting from kiev. protesters occupying administrative building in the
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northeastern city of sumi of proclaim their own regional parliament more details online at r.t. dot com as well by following our minute by minute updates of what's happening in the country. with the economic downturn in the final months thanks to the deal sang i and the rest because i think it's you will be if we. choose your language calling we can with oh if you're going to kill some other.
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treatments good use good consensus to. choose the opinions that you think are a cool. choose the stories could impact your life choose to to access. egypt's interim leader says he's ready to hold an early presidential election as a step toward forming a democratically elected government the vote expected to happen by mid april president month service announcement follows days of violence across egypt as the country marked three years since the two thousand and eleven uprising forty nine
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people killed in street clashes security forces using tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters in several parts of cairo while entire square thousands rallied in support of the military also this week a wave of deadly bombings shook the capital claiming six lives a kind it inspired militants admitting responsibility but authorities are blaming the muslim brotherhood carol based journalist mohammed sabur he says both sides are at fault for the current situation. what's happening is we have we have a major ground for the pro-government media in inciting violence against anyone who's not induce in the country we have the muslim brotherhood who are definitely guilty for a lot of things they have they have done or not they have done through the year empowered the keep talking of conspiracy theories they keep blaming the government for staging those bombings in it's the portman's which is absolutely nonsense but at the same time the opposite the opposite side which is the regime and the regime loyalists and the proliferation media what protestors are not peaceful themselves
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and are as as hostile as the reason is what we what should be stopped now and what the government should be working tirelessly to stop inciting violence you know why didn't those gaps between sectors of the community and moving the country forward towards a phase of civil strife syrian government officials and i mean political rivals have agreed to start the evacuation of civilians from the besieged city of homs the deal struck after two days of discussions mediated by the international envoy lakhdar brahimi at the geneva two conference for more on this we're joined by our g.'s marie if in oceano who is in the syrian capital damascus area so how important is this first deal in terms of the whole peace process. well you did the syrian government and you're in a position agreed on sunday in geneva to allow human it carry it into the queue to your homes in central syria and the civilians our side of the thicket we can expect
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things to happen as soon as on monday holmes has been seen to clashes between the own army and the rebel forces for almost two years now last year we because if you can we thought the press of picture at least two districts were badly destroyed in two others it was shelling many residents fled of course but those who didn't have a chance or time they were trapped in the fight and today after roll this time of course they face a severe shortage and of food and medical supplies and it's the third largest city in syria and we're talking about thousands of people here mr bremer of presenting the u.n. and arab league at geneva two peace talks also told press that women children as well as a number of adult male civilians conferred as non militants and this is very important will be evacuated from the city of homs but it's still not clear exactly how it will be organized as the fight in the air is still continues and of course it's
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clear that first it should be reached a local and. to make all this happen of course we can consider it as a serious achievement in the talks between the syrian rival sides of the first dialogue they have in almost three years of diverse state in war and a very positive one but still a lot has to be done as other areas here in syria remain besieged and even here in damascus as the humanitarian situation is harsh my colleague peace cannot has been following the talks in geneva and his report. it's one another that talk to one another in a format simply impossible to imagine even at the beginning of the week just twenty four hours before the start of the conference the opposition couldn't decide whether to go to switzerland or not and when they finally did arrive i think that is the problem and i said i don't think the problem old any solution without the support from our city it became clear both sides had a completely different understanding of the talks goals the rebels pressed for
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a son to step down official seemed to be ready to talk about almost anything except the president's future but at least outside players agreed this is strictly up to the syrians to decide the seriousness of themselves had the primary responsibility to end the country determine their party to their system and future and start rebuilding their country but one world powers left and direct talks were supposed to begin the opposition refused to sit down at the same table with the other side we came here to talk and they are not ready finally when it seemed the negotiations were completely bust special envoy to syria lakhdar brahimi announced he did manage to get both sides to meet and so they finally did negotiating through him but still in the same room and face to face prisoners and kidnappings humanitarian aid and localized ceasefires were the first issues on the table with more pressing topics
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awaiting discussion despite all the emotions accusations and preconditions were heard this week these talks are the first real chance for a diplomatic solution in syria and after nearly three years of bloodshed and ongoing violence it will be a bumpy road and there is a long way to go but the first steps in the right direction have definitely been made you got this going off r.t. geneva switzerland. let's get some more perspective on this from middle east expert power phony joining us live so this agreement in geneva seems like it could be the start of some kind of breakthrough but do the opposition delegates have the authority to make sure civilians are given a safe passage out of the city. and this is a very new question because as we well know the opposition in syria at least for many. is not at all sure that those who have been can be in iraq but these talks will be able to transform decisions into action on the ground it is clear that the
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c.p.s. should look at me rather as being a step forward in the sense that the conference you collapse but on the other hand . experts all agree to find your role and sustainable solution in syria it is necessary to start a dialogue other tool parties which is iran and saudi arabia which are in fact influencing the facts on the ground. do you think anybody has the ability to make the jihadi fighters the hard core fighters among the opposition follow any deal that comes out of geneva. certainly saudi arabia may have a strong influence on there are the two that you can determine snow it is time to start financing them so that's why the reigning in the so the dialogue is necessary to find a solution for syria otherwise we continue with the small agreements which probably in the ground we're lucky to be implement now one of the things that the opposition
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is so far fusing to budge on is that president assad must step down do you think that there is any movement on that front at these talks. probably has been raised by those members who was issued ruby bridges leading in the talks but. these kind of be made at this stage in the issue of assad is farms of a larger geopolitical game and says there are two major players iran and saudi arabia which should be wrote to the table and they should really among themselves in order to find a political solution only the least presidential elections are due in syria later this year do you think that under these conditions that there can be free and fair elections in damascus well it is highly not probable because the situation on the ground is such that how can we believe that the free elections can be hold in the
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conduit she's in the suv or and along those same lines do you think that the chemical disarmament process that's going on in syria right now do you think that can be successfully accomplished under these conditions. for the bombs concerning the can we go on the government control probably yes the other arm's reach on the control of groups i think it would be very difficult to to get school. all right pal or a funny thank you very much for joining us while diplomats try and thrash out their differences in geneva syria itself still succumbing to more lives being lost to our early and even amid the rapid pace of killing there is hope for some more if a notion as you just heard a little earlier is across everything that's going on in a syrian capital she visited a children's hospital and filed this report. even in this dangerously divided country one place the differences don't matter is this children's hospital in
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damascus. a tiny relative of a government minister shares a room here with babies belonging to fighters of the free syrian army. who have patients from all over syria including areas held by the rebels because this is the only hospital of its kind in the country where babies born three can be treated and we treat them all the same they're all syrian children after all we all belong to one country and have to learn how to live together again. in three years of conflict neither men or women or children were spared according to the un more than one hundred thousand people have died in fact the number is so high they've officially stopped counting. the anger and pain on both sides can't be measured but still it's peace that people want more than giving an idea who is married to a syrian government soldier has just fallen pregnant and the tough lives this is
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a beacon of hope this kidman salata me my husband it's a connection between us while we are away from each other which is often for me this baby means life itself i live through this baby. herms one and a half year old daughter was born during the fear east attack damascus has ever seen she says her fight has nothing to do with war. but not to want a thing that war means there and we have to leave and we have to fight for peace and life we can't give up that. it's a side of war that not many think about in the midst of violence and devastation babies are still being born in their thousands new parents who run away from atrocities in their hometowns often end up in camps which like the basics of sanitation is security. between death all around they choosing life.
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not tea from damascus. or some other global headlines this hour more than twenty feared dead following the capsizing of a tourist boat near the admin islands in the bay of bengal thirteen people rescued all of the vacationers to be indian nationals the cause of the incident remains under investigation. street riots have swept through brazil's largest city southpaw with mobs smashing windows and setting fire to cars then arrest started as a peaceful protest against a fee for world cup which the country will be hosting this summer opponents say vast amounts of public money have been squandered on the events leading public services underfunded meanwhile similar protests were held in rio and the capital brasilia resulting in hundreds of arrests. and i in the business numbers katie pilbeam is up next with venture capital stay with us.
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be in the. well can two events count it with me katie pilbeam as you can probably tell from behind me the gorgeous mountains we are indeed made which they learned this week for the devils the world economic forum now for the last four days the world's most privileged money movers they've been promising and pledging that as it is with the case that doubles mazie is no policies in place would have the british prime minister david cameron talking about reshowing jobs back to britain iran's leader has some rouhani worry investors for a post sanction era out of it a tinseltown two with goldie hawn teaching us all about the importance of meditation in amongst these days we had surveillance global warming the most is of the universe in between the smoke kind of haze and go to champagne they want to
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focus on the global financial recovery seem to take a bit of a backseat they should often get me but we're not exactly in a booming economy just now so this is a sense of complacency coming into this when i spoke to the head of the o.e.c.d. and i asked him what concerns him the most complacency the fact that people feel comfortable that they have lost the future that they have lost the sense of urgency and the do think we're out of the woods yet we're not out of the woods growth is very slow on a problem it is historically high. inequalities are growing there's a great loss of trust in everything that we have built in a hundred years in all our institutions so we're not the crisis is not over show let's continue to work hard don't feel complacent now one thing that runs through the forum was income inequality and the dangers that can come from it
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the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. doubles is the highest part of europe and it's a place where the global elite come here to discuss how to enrich themselves and of course improve the lives of the ninety nine percent that live down below as has tried to raise our image this year of the hierarchy system by introducing the topic of income inequality which the forum said was the biggest threat to the global economy right now but you know when you got eight c. billionaires in attendance it's quite difficult to take that one seriously as a certain element of irony to that and according to the latest reports half of the world's poorest population that is three and a half billion people now have the same amount of wealth as the eighty five richest people abbots about the one percent richest now have an accumulated wealth of one
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hundred ten trillion dollars that's sixty five percent more than the world or from up here is difficult to imagine how those people will become a priority for the people of double well we are all equal in the eyes of god no matter how many millions or billions that we might have to weigh in the bank at this time of year the whole of devils gets involved in the financial for even the church itself year after year a columnist some politicians would come here praying for a solution to the financial crisis. no i caught up with a nobel prize. winning economist robert on the problem here's what he had. there should be a recognition that we need some inequality because people won't work if if they think their income doesn't depend on it and i think it's ok to have billionaires actually for people who invent a new computer system.


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